Town Hall, Manchester

Relocation / Refurbishment Strategy.

Strategic Planning Report for Council.

MCC had made the decision to refurbish the Town Hall and Central Library premises, together with public spaces between, and to consolidate all staff located remotely in leased premises, back into their modernised central buildings.

In order to accomplish this, a strategic plan would need to be prepared for the relocation of all 2200 Staff and Officers, who would require in the order of 215,000 sq ft of office space, and act3 were commissioned to provide this.

Tasks undertaken included;

  • Survey and identification of extent and location of all Departmental no’s, their requirements and internal linkages.
  • Establish from the above overall net area requirements for full establishment and individual Depts.
  • Identify areas of business risk involved through the refurbishment process.
  • Clarify query issues raised through this research process.
  • Analyse and propose new occupation disposition.
  • Write Committee Report.