Henry Bath Ltd, Princes Dock, Liverpool


Henry bath Ltd, a long standing and successful international precious metals Trading Company, were outgrowing their existing premises in the adjacent building on the Liverpool waterfront, and decided to relocate to a larger vacant floor on the 4th floor of no. 10. act3 won the CDMC commission through a successful tender process.
The fit-out included Cat A alterations to the means of escape for the landlords, Peel Holdings, while the Cat B areas included Comms Room, Kitchen, Interview and Board Rooms, and a large open plan area in the centre of the office. Views out over the river were maximised in the design process. Materials were delivered via ground floor car park and either handballed to the goods lift or up the secondary stair if components were too large. Access to the roof was required for alterations to the air conditioning system; however this was identified as a low risk operation, as the chillers were sited well in- board of the parapets.