H.P. Bulmer, Hereford


Design and Project Management

Bulmers Cider had decided there was a need to devise a new method of working within their operational office headquarters.

This would ultimately involve the implementation of new ways of working within the business, involving an ’open plan’ approach to all areas of the building, including the Directors own spaces. In order to accomplish this it was resolved to refurbish all three floors fully and form an enclosed internal atrium from the existing external courtyard, and introduce a new relocated entrance.

This process would involve a phased approach allowing for the decanting of departments with the demolition and reconfiguration work taking place whilst all other areas were under full occupation.

Included in the refurbishment process was the replacement of all heating, air-conditioning, power, voice and data installations over the anticipated contract period of 18 months with a total budget for the project of £4.6m.