Co-operative Financial Services: bTp Project

Interim Project Manager

Duties: To assist TCG Property and Facilities Depts to prepare for and implement a business team occupation of ‘remote’ separate premises, including;

  • Premises analysis and selection, ( esp. services )
  • Workplace standards and planning
  • Agreement of scope of works / specifications
  • Landlord Lease and Contract Agreement

Stephen Clarke was invited to join the bTp team to implement this relocation, following his successful involvement with two previous Co-op projects, Signature and Granary, ( see separate Project Data Sheets ).
The task was to lead and integrate the various workstreams required to implement an occupation for 375 staff over a very short timescale of 5mths, including the stripping-out and re-fitting of the selected 30,000 sq ft office space.

  • £ 1.5m, Delivered on schedule and under budget